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OH&S Breakthrough

"The EZICOVER method is a practical way to significantly reduce manual handling risks associated with covers handling. Lifting, pushing, pulling, bending and twisting to place and manoeuvre covers required less force to be applied and windy conditions have far less impact than using traditional methods. EZICOVER is to be nominated for the 2011 Worksafe Awards"


2012 WorkSafe Victoria Awards

EZICOVER removal system has been nominated for the 2012 Worksafe awards.


Our accessories allow you to enjoy the benefits of your EZICOVER for the long term. We provide simple to use repair kits, replacement parts and the option to brand your EZICOVER with a club or sponsor logo. Contact us today to find out more.

Compliment your EZICOVER with these handy accessories

  • EZICOVER glue and patch material

    Repair Glue

    Minor repairs carried out with supplied compatible pvc material and glue adhesive

  • EZICOVER repair tape

    Cover repair tape

    Carry out minor repairs to covers or ezicover with this highly bonded adhesive tape

  • EZICOVER screw cap

    Screw Cap

    Lost or damaged replacement caps are available for EZICOVER

  • EZICOVER outlet


    Our universal outlet fits any size of EZICOVER

  • Remover EZICOVER transport sling

    Transport Sling

    Protects both EZICOVER and covers during transport and storage.

  • EZICOVER transport bag

    Transport bag

    Protects EZICOVER during transport and storage

  • EZICOVER webbing strap D ring

    Webbing Strap D ring

    The webbing strap D ring connects the EZICOVER to your cover with ease.

  • EZICOVER Bungee Cord

    Bungee Cord

    Secures the rolled up cover on EZICOVER to stop unravelling

  • Cover Logos

    Cover Logos

    Personalise your EZICOVER with a club or sponsors logo.