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OH&S Breakthrough

"The EZICOVER method is a practical way to significantly reduce manual handling risks associated with covers handling. Lifting, pushing, pulling, bending and twisting to place and manoeuvre covers required less force to be applied and windy conditions have far less impact than using traditional methods. EZICOVER is to be nominated for the 2011 Worksafe Awards"


2012 WorkSafe Victoria Awards

EZICOVER removal system has been nominated for the 2012 Worksafe awards.

EZICOVER Customers

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Caboolture Oval
  • Caboolture Cricket Club

"What a difference the EZICOVER has made to our operations.

I generally work by myself preparing two wickets and unfortunately the ovals are fairly open to SE gusts making putting covers on and off a nightmare but since purchasing two of the EZICOVER‘s the task is a breeze. No more injuries, so easy to inflate and deflate using a blower vac.

I would highly recommend this product to every cricket curator."

Steve Adams

Queensland cricket
  • Queensland Cricket

"I would like to express our thanks for the EZICOVER system. This system has cut our covering time down to a quarter of the time we originally took to cover our wickets. The sheer simplicity and ease of use of the system is a credit to you.

It used to take 5 guys to pull of a cover full of water and now just two people can do it in a matter of minutes. No more pulling heavy covers around, we just use the EZICOVER system to roll it up and push all of the water to our drain.

Fantastic concept and a real credit to you."

Jarrod Bird
Assistant Grounds Manager - Allan Border Field
Queensland Cricket

redlands cricket club
  • Redlands Cricket Club

"First season of covers went well

Once personnel were trained in the process of handling, the job of removing and replacing covers was made much easier.

Even in breezy conditions only three people were needed to handle the covers. Main positives are:

Ease of use – less personnel required generally

Versatility – covers can be removed N/S or E/W which is great.

We would recommend this system as a means of cover control.

Barry Cullen
Redlands Cricket Club

  • EZICOVER at Coloundra Cricket Club
  • Coloundra Cricket Club - Sunshine Coast


EZICOVER at Victoria Junction Cricket Oval
  • Junction Oval

  • St Kilda Cricket Club logo
  • Victorian Cricket Club Logo
  • pitchcraft Logo

"Groundstaff from Pitchcraft at this iconic Victorian first class ground use the EZICOVER to operate one large 32x30m cover on their 9 wicket table.

Running East West the EZICOVER is rolled out to uncover as many pitches as needed to work on leaving the remainder of the wicket table covered.

It also saves having to remove the entire cover to work on any individual pitch."

EZICOVER at Ringwood CC
  • Ringwood Cricket Club

  • Victorian Premier Cricket Club Logo

"As far as the EZICOVER system goes, it has been a most welcome addition to my equipment.

It has made putting the covers on and off a breeze, especially when I am here on my own. I can put 2x4 wicket covers down in less than 5 minutes, which includes blowing them up. The ease of operation has amazed not only me but players and supporters alike.

It is especially good seeing that I'm over 50 and not as fit as I once was.

It has been well worth the investment."

David Mock
Ringwood Cricket CLub

  • EZICOVER at Prahran CC
  • Prahran Cricket Club

  • Victorian Premier Cricket Club Logo
  • City of Stonnington

  • EZICOVER at Geelong Grammar
  • Geelong Grammar School

  • EZICOVER at Tasmania Cricket Oval
  • Casey South Melbourne CC-VCA

  • Victorian Premier Cricket Club Logo
  • City of Casey

EZICOVER at Frankston
  • Frankston City

  • Victorian Premier Cricket Club Logo
  • Frankston and Peninsula CC

  • EZICOVER at greater dandenong council and dandenong cricket club
  • Greater Dandenong Council Logo
  • Greater Dandenong Council

  • Victorian Premier Cricket Club Logo
  • Dandenong CC Logo
  • Dandenong CC - VCA Victoria

EZICOVER at Hawthorn Monash Universtiy Cricket Club
  • Hawthorn Monash
    University CC

  • Victorian Premier Cricket Club Logo
  • Logo
  • Hawks logo
  • Monash Sport Logo
  • EZICOVER at Wangaratta CC
  • Wangaratta Magpies CC,
    Football and Netball Club
    Rural City of Wangaratta

  • EZICOVER at Queen Elizabeth Oval
  • Queen Elizabeth Oval

  • EZICOVER at Xavier College Melbourne
  • Xavier College - Melbourne

EZICOVER at Malvern Cricket Club
EZICOVER at Werribee Cricket Club
EZICOVER at St Joseph Cricket Club
EZICOVER at Port Melbourne Cricket Club
EZICOVER at East Warrnambool Cricket Club
EZICOVER at Merrivale Cricket Club


EZICOVER at Tasmania Cricket Oval
  • Tasmania Cricket logo
  • Cricket Tasmania

  • Tasmania Cricket logos

"The slog EZICOVER has definitely changed our workplace. It has provided a very easy way to apply covers on our practice wickets

Our staff find it fine to push with one staff member and very easy with four staff members, which is great with a small team. What we find to be a huge advantage is how quick we can inflate it with the blower and roll on when there is rain pending. As far as an OH&S item I think it is terrific for the industry, it certainly is much easier on your backs and staff don't feel so negative to putting them on, especially at the end of day.

It is Perfect for a club with one curator."

Marcus Pamplin
Head Curator
Bellerive Oval

South Australia

EZICOVER at South Australia CC
  • South Australia Cricket Association

"The EZICOVER here at Adelaide Oval has allowed us to do the same job with half the staff in half the time.

It takes away the risk with moving covers , completed in a really short time with limited staff and guarantees the squares stay dry.

It has been the best purchase for us this season."

Damien Hough
Head Curator - Adelaide Oval
South Australia Cricket Association

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New Zealand

  • EZICOVER at Bay of Plenty new Zealand
  • Bay of Plenty Cricket