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OH&S Breakthrough

"The EZICOVER method is a practical way to significantly reduce manual handling risks associated with covers handling. Lifting, pushing, pulling, bending and twisting to place and manoeuvre covers required less force to be applied and windy conditions have far less impact than using traditional methods. EZICOVER is to be nominated for the 2011 Worksafe Awards"


2012 WorkSafe Victoria Awards

EZICOVER removal system has been nominated for the 2012 Worksafe awards.


The EZICOVER is an Australian designed and Australian made product. Its new and innovative design significantly reduces the time and manpower needed to remove wicket covers. We believe the EZICOVER will be your most valued purchase of the season. Our step by step guide shows you just how easy the EZICOVER is to set up and use.

How to attach the EZICOVER

  • attach the EZICOVER

    Step 1

    Before using the EZICOVER, ensure that covers are laid out over the wicket block and pegged as normal. Mark the corners with chalk

  • Positioning the EZICOVER

    Step 2

    Line up the deflated EZICOVER in-line with edge of the cover that is to be rolled from. Then attach the EZICOVER to the wicket cover using the webbing D ring.

  • EZICOVER D ring attachement

    Step 3

    Attach the D Ring strap threading through the cover's eyelets making sure the straps are evenly spaced approx every 3m or so out and return it back over the EZICOVER to secure it. Do not tighten straps till EZICOVER is inflated

To inflate the EZICOVER

  • Inflate EZICOVER with petrol blower

    Step 1

    In order to inflate the EZICOVER it is recommended that you use a petrol blower

  • Remover EZICOVER screw caps

    Step 2

    Remove either one of the screwed caps to allow inflation

  • EZICOVER inflation in around 1 minute

    Step 3

    Place the blower inside the exposed valve to inflate - Inflation should take around one minute

  • Reposition blower outside EZICOVER

    Step 4

    When the EZICOVER is near full capacity, reposition the blower to outside of the valve so that the EZICOVER can be completely filled with air

  • EZICOVER valve prevents loss of air

    Step 5

    Moving the blower to the valve entrance of the EZICOVER prevents it from vibrating and losing air. A non-return flap is located inside the entrance of the valve.

  • Replace EZICOVER caps

    Step 6

    Once inflation complete, replace the cap over the valve and screw hand-tight

Removing wicket covers from the wicket block.

  • unpeg and place cover at edge of EZICOVER

    Step 1

    Firstly unpeg the cover at its EZICOVER end. Place the edge of the cover underneath and in line with EZICOVER.

  • start rolling with EZICOVER

    Step 2

    Commence a gradual roll and unpeg the EZICOVER as you go. Continue the roll and unpeg until finished.

  • EZICOVER storage

    Step 3

    EZICOVER can be stored at wicket block edge if working on the wicket block or on the boundary for storage if a game is in play.

Installing the covers onto the wicket block

  • peg and roll to replace covers with EZICOVER

    Step 1

    The process for replacing the covers is called ‘Peg & Roll’ Complete this process until the entire cover is down.

  • repositioning EZICOVER

    Step 2

    Repositioning of the cover and tension control can be made during ‘roll and peg’ or when the cover is completely down. This ensures no wind gets under the covers unlike picture above

 turf utility can remove EZICOVER

Vehicle Handling

The picture to the right shows a turf utility removing EZICOVER - no manual handling required. Position your vehicle central to the side of the cover you are pulling to. Peg a rope (double the length of the covers) to the ground at the rear of the vehicle. Run the rope underneath the cover, over the EZICOVER and back along the top of the cover attaching it to the rear of the vehicle. As the vehicle moves forward the rope aids the EZICOVER in rolling up the covers, this is simulated to manual pushing.

This process is reversed for putting covers back on. That is tow the rope on top of the covers rolling back out the cover

storing EZICOVER

Storing the EZICOVER when not in use

EZICOVER can be moved to the boundary fence when not in use. The EZICOVER can be deflated quickly enabling it to be stored neatly against the boundary fence. The EZICOVER can be folded and placed in a storage bag provided by SLOG. Storing the EZICOVER this way eliminates the possibility of tangled covers. From this position the EZICOVER can be towed out to the Wicket Block deflated. The EZICOVER can also be reinflated as above and rolled back out to square.

EZICOVER storage during play

EZICOVER during play

During play, EZICOVER can rest inside the boundary inflated, ready for players to roll back out to the square when needed.

EZICOVER storage at work

EZICOVER during work

EZICOVER system is ready to put back onto the Wicket Block whilst work is in progress. Simply roll EZICOVER back out as soon as required shown north south (left) or east west (below). EZICOVER system can be run east to west which allows any individual pitch to be exposed to work on without removing the entire cover. Examples show 9 wicket wide covers.

EZICOVER east / west